About the Farm

Many parts for the farmhouse date back over 400 years, and in its prime, the estate had many acres and cottages.  Nowadays Lower Twitchen Farm comprises of 17 acres of fertile land situated in a beautiful valley whilst at the top of the highest field stunning views of the countryside can be enjoyed extending as far as the beautiful Atlantic coastline.

As well as the strawberry field there is picturesque woodland to enjoy walking through and animals to look at.  You can meet Bracken, Bramble and Willow the goats, Cuddles the Shetland pony, who lives up to his name and likes nothing better than lots of hugs and grooming, and Blossom, Marble and Sparkle the sheep along with newborn lambs born at Easter time.

The small animal barn houses 7 rabbits and 4 guinea pigs who can all be introduced to and stroked by the children as well as the 2 cockerels, Kevin and Charlie, who can often be found scratching around in the garden.


benji goat